How to install Nagios 4 and Nrpe 2.16RC2 to monitor your servers on Ubuntu 14.04

Installing Nagios 4
This document contains the information and steps to proceed to install and configure the Nagios monitoring system on an Ubuntu Server 14.04 using the Nrpe 2.16RC2.

Nrpe 2.16RC2 is still not at its last (or defined stable) version but, tests shows that this release does not have particular issue.
This plugin is a great improvement since it provides an increase of security thanks to the use of server-client certificates and an improvement of the encryption system.

For an easy view on the configuration file, some samples of the same are inside this document.

In details, these are the main points of the document:
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Install Nagios 4 on Ubuntu Server 14.04 and monitor the servers using the check_by_ssh command

For this document I will skip directly to the steps I’d use to install a Nagios monitoring Server on an Ubuntu Server 14.04, I will test its configuration on another Ubuntu Server 14.04 and the checks will be done using the check_by_ssh command, this allows the servers to have an encrypted communication.
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CentOS 6.5 configuration: LAMP – NFS – Heartbeat and troubleshooting

I wrote this document with the intent to keep track of the project that I recently followed.
Working mainly with Microsoft platform is easy to forget how to setup a Linux, and in this case, a CentOS machine. Something that should not happen!
Here I explain the steps to build a stable website with the use of a shared drive, which is the root of the website, and a program called Heartbeat which allows the machines to work even when a fault of 1 of them is found. Continue reading

Talking about proxy servers

Proxy server is something that has always attracted me, think about being connected from your home but shows to service or website you want to reach that you are connected from a different place.
Using a proxy server is useful for those who do not want to show the place from which they’re connected or those who want to avoid certain blocks imposed by their ISP or company policy. These are just few of the purposes to use a proxy, there are many other reasons.. wiki it !
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