The Simpsons: Tapped Out… Hacked on Android

This game is amazing! I start with saying that I really love it and I’ve been playing for 5 months now..
But.. It takes too much in my opinion to build buildings and not everybody wants to spend money for tiny stuff of the game..

This hack I’m going to explain works only with Android devices because I am going to use another program which can be found on the Google Play, it is Gamekiller, downloadable from here.

Ever used Cheat Engine? This tool works at the same way:

1. Open Gamekiller and tap on the arrow on the upper mid-right side to let it go in standby.
2. Open The Simpson: Tapped Out!

Do we want more money or more donuts? Let’s start with money (:

3. Take note of the money you have, let’s say 25000.
4. Tap the icon key on the upper left side of the screen to open gamekiller, while playing.
5. Type the exact amount of money you have and tap on the lense, it will seek every corresponding match, it could find a lot.
6. Buy something in the game so the money will decrease to give a new value.
7. Retype this new value in gamekiller and tap again on the lense.
8. Do this until you only see few results, like 4.
9. When you’ll get to have few results you can tap in all of them and change the value, this new value (999999 for example) must be the same for all the entries.
10. Well.. (: check your money now ;)

Liked? Same is for donuts, of course it’s more difficult because it’s hard to get them. Just do like this, every time you level up you gain 1 or more donuts.
Using the same method used for money, play with EXP to reach the end of the level and when the XP bar is full, type on gamekiller the number of donuts you have.

11. Type them and back in the game earn some exp so to pass the level, you’ll get donuts!
12. Retype on gamekiller the new value.
13. Spend them, spend 1 or 2 donuts in order to decrease the value and..
14. And retype it on gamekiller until like before you will only see few results.
15. When those few results appear, change their value and you now will have how many donuts you typed!

Pro & Con.

Pro: yeah, finally everything in the game is unlocked! hell yeeeah!!!
Con: yeah.. now what? I will not pass my days like before, playing and waiting days to complete tasks.

Pro: I don’t spend money, which I don’t have, to buy donuts!
Con: No Con here for us (:

Just watch out to this:
Money’s not a problem, after the hack and once closed and reopened both the game and gamekiller, will remain.. but in negative. You may however keep shopping because will still work ;)
Donuts are different, they will disappear returning to the original value. I’d suggest to do the hack and buy everything you can.

The good thing is that everything you will do, will be kept (: