Facebook Wall Feed on your website – Tophost and WordPress

Today I woke up and I thought “it would be nice adding a Facebook wall feed to my website”..
So here it is ! 100% working thanks to tutorials I found on the net.
I also found problems.. but nothing unsolvable and within few minutes I fixed!

Looking for “Facebook wall feed” on Google I found a website about a wordpress’ plugin named “JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed”, I reached this website: takanudo.com I just followed the directions and I didn’t get any error message, until I got to step 6.
Once I saved the changes, WordPress gave me an error message about allow_url_fopen and Curl telling that both were deactivated.
What I did was going on the control panel of my website (I use tophost) and activate them from php.ini configuration panel.
I tried to activate Curl because allow_url_fopen was already, but even saved it didn’t get the new settings.. Playing a bit around I discovered that there was need to downgrade Php version to the 4 and once saved this settings Php took again the version 5 with both Curl and allow_url_fopen activated. Crazy :D.
With them finally activated I could go back to step 6 and continue..
Done ! It worked.. but I needed to edit the width of the widget because it was wider than the edges of my website.

It took me around 10 minutes to look for a good tutorial like the one already linked and fix the issue with curl library! Difficulty level: n00b