The Simpsons: Tapped Out… Hacked on Android

This game is amazing! I start with saying that I really love it and I’ve been playing for 5 months now..
But.. It takes too much in my opinion to build buildings and not everybody wants to spend money for tiny stuff of the game..

This hack I’m going to explain works only with Android devices because I am going to use another program which can be found on the Google Play, it is Gamekiller, downloadable from here. Continue reading

Unlocking, Rooting and Flashing Android devices: HTC G1 – Samsung Next – Galaxy Nexus

In a previous post I analyzed and wrote the structure of Android OS and my experiences with the HTC G1, but.. how did I root, unlock and flash that phone? I followed tutorials found on internet, the same (more or less) I’m going to write here – all together – and of course it’s not going to be a copy/paste rather a way to schematize the correct procedure to modify these 3 smartphones (:
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Ubuntu Installation Guide on Android – Part 2

Add a GUI to Ubuntu

Before installing a Graphical User Interface I guess it is better to know what to do and how to do:

  1. Download the VNC Viewer from Google Play or directly from the website and install it on your phone.
    We will install the VNC server on Ubuntu and with the VNC client installed on Android, we will connect to Ubuntu. We will also install the necessary packets to add a GUI to Ubuntu.
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The Android structure

My first post was about “reverse engineering on Nokia n81” and since then the story didn’t change.. I still love play around with telephones and that Nokia was my last one. Now my new toy is Android!
It was November 2009 when I bought my first Android device, suggested by friend, it was (and still is!) the HTC Dream or better known as G1, one of the first google/android smartphone. Continue reading