About me

Hi there, my name is Juri Calleri, a Millennial from the 90'. I was born in Berlin but grew up in Italy. In 2011 I moved to Austria and I'm still here after a few travels and relocations. I like traveling, but who doesn't? Europe, America, Asia... But I love the South-East of Asia and every time I can I try to have vacations around those beautiful places.
One of my interests is music, I play drum since 2001 and with different bands we played in squares, pubs and for contests too.
My other passion is information technology, since my 1st pc (1998) I caught a deep knowledge on various fields of computer science. The hardware and software troubleshooting, the administration of a computer and server network, the use of scripting, the automation and the attention to details, are just a few of the interests that push me to improve my IT skills.
I like to talk about music, arts, travels, computer,games,home automation but more in general I like to talk! If you want to get in touch with me then follow the links below!
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